Just A Half Hour! Sheesh

I had an appointment earlier this evening.  When it was over (6:00 p.m.), I came to the house and went to the backyard to water the flower garden.  After I did that, I decided to sit on my deck for a little bit and take in a bit of the baseball game going on next to me.

I only sat on the deck for a half hour.  It was hot out there but that wasn’t the issue.  Aside from the heat, after a half hour, my eyes began watering, I began sneezing and coughing and wheezing, and I was a mess.  So, I came indoors.  The sneezing and coughing continued and then I had a massive nosebleed.  These darn allergies!  All from a half hour outside.

And the worst part of all of that is that I knew better.  Yes.  I knew better than to do what I did but I did it anyway.  We’ll see what happens to me later this week when I sit outside for hours at the information booth of the festival.  I’m not even going to try to predict.  I’ll just keep using plenty of eye drops and cough drops.