A “Last Supper”

This evening, we (Fr. Jordan, Fr. Andrew, and I) went to Kitaro Surf & Turf in Munster.  It opened a little over a month ago.  I tell you, that place is a keeper.  If you like sushi, you will find the freshest fish there that I have seen in a long time.  It is like a high-class place without a high-class price.  I would say it was priced “moderate”.  (Two of us had appetizers, we all had large dinner items, two of us had dessert, and we all had iced tea or soft drinks with our meal.  The bill was $132.)

I take this opportunity, a day early, to say a fond farewell to Fr. Jordan.  Tomorrow morning after his 8:30 a.m. Mass, he will be leaving St. Thomas More as he prepares to enter the novitiate for the Dominican Order.  I pray that you find what you are looking for in the order, Jordan, and that God continues to smile upon you.  Thank you for the past two years that you have served here.

Also, a “heat note” of sorts.  I hear that the low tonight is supposed to be 80 degrees.  If you have any elderly in your area, please give them a health check and make sure that they are faring well in the heat.  It’s supposed to be wretchedly hot through the afternoon tomorrow as well.  Please, for your own sake or for the sake of others you encounter, remember the following signs of heat complications: