What A Day

This has been a rather long day following a few rather long days.  My aunt, who has been in at-home hospice care since February of 2018 has really begun to decline.  Yesterday, on top of all her weakness and pain, her foot gave out on her and she fell at home.  She was able to get back up and, thankfully, did not appear to break anything.  However, the fall significantly affected the pain that she has already been experiencing in her back.  We think that the cancer has spread and might even be in her bones.

Yesterday was a milestone day for her.  She was able to admit that she needed more care and could not be by herself anymore.  I spoke with her social worker and nurse and, after an evaluation of her past few month vital sign reports, hospice not only indicated that she was “ready” for the local hospice center (Riley House); but, they also indicated that they had a bed available.

This afternoon, an ambulance picked her up at her place (she was in too much pain for me to transport in my car) and we have gotten her firmly situated at the hospice center.  There, they will be able to give her stronger medication to care for her pain.  She has always had an extremely high tolerance to pain but the past few days has said her pain was at a “10”, even with the meds that she had been given for home use.

Kindly keep my aunt in your prayers that they can make her comfortable and that she may soon get her wish and go home to the Lord.  She’s had a grueling journey and is tired.