There Are Times…

It was my day off.

All I wanted to do is rest.

So what happened? Chase Card Services contacted me.  At the time of contact, three fraudulent charges had been made against my Disney Visa card for a couple thousand dollars this morning.

I know we’re not supposed to hate but . . . well, I’ll just leave it there.

This has happened to me before.  This is the fourth time that one of my cards has been compromised.  I’m grateful for fraud departments catching these things right away but am aggravated at all the “work” I will need to do when I get my new card, most likely tomorrow as it was sent overnight.

I am going to have to change all the different accounts that are auto-paid on that card.  The one thing that I learned this morning, though, is that the credit card company lets auto-pays get paid as long as they have made six monthly charges.  I have a few months before the card will not be active for those vendors.  So, I don’t have to worry about getting all the cards changed right away.  But, it is still a pain in the patoot. 😮