Two Different Things

The day was entirely two different things.  This morning began dark and rainy.  There was a forecast for thunderstorms on and off all day.  In the morning, I sure thought that was going to be true and decided that it would be a stay-indoors kind of day.  However, by noon, the weather had cleared and the skies were blue and patchy with white clouds and not storm clouds.  Therefore, I ventured out to EPCOT, my planned park for the day.

In EPCOT, I went to Japan for lunch, to the new Shiki-Sai Sushi Izakaya.  Let me tell you, if you like sushi and you are at EPCOT, you owe it to yourself to head there for a meal.  It was perfection!

Tuna Tataki

Ume – California roll & tuna, yellowtail, and salmon

After lunch, I went to the koi pond to enjoy some of the serenity and listened to the taiko drums being played.

Koi Pond

Taiko Drum players

Later, I ran into a special someone outside of France’s pavilion.

Intermittent clouds with a high of 65 and a low of 50 degrees.  It will be perfect walking-around-the-park weather.  I plan on being in EPCOT again tomorrow morning and then head to Disney Springs in the afternoon.  I haven’t be the Disney Springs yet as it was much colder earlier in the week and I was focusing on visiting the parks.

I hope you had a great day and an even better tomorrow.  g’night