Quite Fortunate!

We had snow today.  Some snow.  Only an inch or two.  By mid-morning, clean-up was well underway and the lots and sidewalks were all clear.  This was under a winter weather advisory.  That advisory indicated that we could have a considerable amount of snow, IF.

Yes, there’s always a “but” or an “if”, isn’t there?  🙂

The big if was how the winds coming off Lake Michigan would direct the snow in what we know as lake effect snow.  Today, we were quite fortunate as the winds swirled the snow toward the East.

Michigan City is less than an hour’s drive from here and was the location of my previous assignment at Queen of All Saints.  I am incredibly thankful that I am in Munster as today Michigan City, LaPorte, and places east received much more snow.  How much more?  Try two and a half feet.  Yes, feet.

The roads in Michigan City are closed tonight for a weather emergency.  I hope all those affected by this recent storm are able to dig out soon and that they are safe with utilities functioning.