Still Attempting To Learn Math

So, yesterday, I went to Walgreens to wish Deacon Joe a blessed retirement as he worked his last shift as a pharmacist after sixty-one years.  I encouraged our parishioners to stop off and wish him well and, if they did, to buy something so as not to upset the management at Walgreens.  I bought some Arizona Arnold Palmer diet Half & Half iced tea/lemonade.  It was on sale for 2/$1 when it sells for 99 cents each.  Half price.  A deal.

When I got a can out of my fridge this afternoon, I took a look at it and started laughing.  Can you see why I was laughing?  Look at the picture before reading further.

It’s a twenty-three ounce can.  A serving size is twelve ounces.  There are not quite two servings in a can.  The calories for one serving are five calories; but, for two servings, fifteen calories.

Now, I never portrayed myself as a math wizard; however, how does twice of five equal fifteen?  Total carbs go from two to four.  Total sugars go from one to two.  But, total calories “doubles” from five to fifteen?

It’s the little things in life that I find extremely humorous.

Back atcha tomorrow.