Can It Get Worse?

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I don’t want to be Chicken Little constantly proclaiming that the sky is falling; BUT, the sky is falling.  I was very alarmed when I saw the news this morning stating that 80,000 Americans could die in the next three weeks from COVID-19.

Please, friends, follow safe practices.  Wash your hands regularly.  Wear your face mask when out in public.  Avoid unnecessary social interactions and large crowds.  Maintain safe distance (six feet) from others whenever you must go out.

The pandemic is going to last well into 2021.  What we do and how we act will determine whether or not it will be a worse year than last year.

All that being said, my prayer is that you have a Happy, Holy, and Healthy New Year.  May your best day of 2020 be your worst day in 2021.  May every day only get better and better!