My Headspace Is Too Congested

I just haven’t been in the right headspace the past few days.  I just seem to get more and more disappointed in people in our society.  So many people leap to conclusions and accept the “facts” as they are given to them by a media that has become so biased as to no longer, in my opinion, be at all credible.

Every person has a brain.  Why have so many people turned theirs off?

Anger, bitterness, frustration and a whole host of other negative affects seem to plague and/or rule our world nowadays.  Too many have forgotten the basic lessons they learned in kindergarten:  be kind.

So, with my headspace already congested, it became super congested with real congestion today as the weather continues to wreak havoc on my sinuses and joints.  Oh, how I loathe this time of year.

I find myself beginning “the countdown” to retirement.  If I live that long, I want to become one of the many people that flea this environment for December, January, and February and return after the brutal part of winter is over again.  I think my sinuses and arthritis will thank me.  🙂