Tired. Just Tired.

Yesterday was a “big day” here.  I guess as I get older, “big days” take more out of me. 🙂

It was great having the bishop here for two Confirmation Masses and it was even better that my associate drew the short straw and had the early Masses today (the time change made them feel an hour earlier!).  However, by the end of my second Mass, I was bushed.

After my two Masses, I came to the house for my Sunday ritual: laundry.  Running downstairs, upstairs, downstairs, upstairs, downstairs, and upstairs again was my workout for the day.  So, for the late afternoon/early evening, I just vegged a bit.

Tomorrow, I have to wake up early for the 6:30 a.m. Mass.  On those days, I usually get up between 4:00 and 4:15 a.m.  I generally awake before my alarm goes off.  I’m starting to nurse a sinus headache and I think the pressure fronts are coming through.  Tomorrow is going to bring with it interesting weather if my sinuses and joints are correct in their assumptions.  (And the usually are.)