This Is Always A Bad Time Of Year For Me

Yesterday I was feeling a bit punk because the weather was changing.  Today it hit me even more.  I’ve had a pretty bad sinus headache move of the day and my eyes and nose are itching more each day.  The spring is one of my favorite seasons but the allergies of spring really suck!  How can something so beautiful be so awful.

Next week I will really suffer as the Environment and Art people surround the altar and jam the sanctuary of the church with flowers.  The pollen from all those flowers make it hard to breathe and make my eyes water and itch and that is while taking my eye drop medication and my pills for allergies.  However, Easter is all about the Lord’s resurrection.  If He could endure the agony of the cross, I can certainly endure the allergies of the season.

Unfortunately for those around me, while Jesus suffered patiently, I tend to complain a lot when I suffer my seasonal allergies. 🙂

I apologize ahead of time.