The Ol’ Eyeballs

I went to the eye doctor this morning to have my pressures checked because of my glaucoma.  While there, I told the doctor that my eyes have been watering really bad for the past couple of months.  At Mass in the morning, I have to wipe my eyes or the words in the book appear as if I were underwater.

Turns out that my eyes are super dry.  The doctor asked if I slept with a fan on.  When I said I did, she said, “You don’t any more.  Turn it off.”  She said I most probably open my eyes at night and the blowing air is drying the eyes out fast.

So, no fan at night.  And she suggested ordering a microwaveable eye mask that I can use a few time during the day to soothe my eyes and to promote more tears.  And, of course, the use of soothing eye drops to provide more moisture.

I’m glad that’s all it was, though.

I’m hoping for some relief in the next few days.  Onward and upward.