Slightly Afraid

You know how it is when you have to say something to someone and you’re afraid of saying the wrong thing?  You know how it is when something is going well and you’re afraid of saying something and jinxing it.  I’m at the latter of those two thoughts today.

On Wednesday of Holy Week, I began to get sick.  I knew that a case of bronchitis was brewing.  After all these years, I know the signs.  I even skipped going to the Chrism Mass on Holy Thursday morning so that I could save up my strength for all the Masses/services of the Triduum.

That was six weeks ago.  Six weeks.  During these past six weeks, I developed the worst case of bronchitis that I ever had.  It brought me really low.  I was having such a hard time that I went to my pulmonologist who put me on an antibiotic as well as medication to control the chronic and non-productive cough.

The cough got better with the meds but the antibiotic did no good.  Therefore, they put me on “big boy antibiotics”.  The antibiotic began to promptly kick the bronchitis in the butt.  However, I experienced one of the antibiotics serious side effects.  It attacked the muscles in my calves and my back.  My calves were so sore (and, for a few days, very hardened) that it was incredibly difficult and painful to walk.  I could only use one leg to go down stairs and the other to go up without putting undo strain on the muscles.

I was told that the side effects usually go away within ten days.  Mine lasted fourteen days.  But, it’s over!

I don’t want to jinx myself.  However, I can take the steps however I want once again.  My calves are slightly tender but nothing like the past couple of weeks.  My voice is about 90% back as well.  I’m getting most of my singing range back again.  Life, once again, is good.  For awhile, I had given up on any good outcome.

I know one thing.  In the future, if any doctor tries to prescribe Levaquin for me, we have to have a serious talk first.  I’ll ask for a different antibiotic if at all possible.