Mother’s Day Greetings

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the “mothers” out there:
1.  Biological mothers
2.  Expectant mothers
3.  Grandmothers
4.  Adoptive mothers
5.  Foster mothers
6.  Godmothers
7.  Spiritual mothers
8.  Special mother figures

Mother’s Day can be painful for some.  There are those who are trying to become mothers and who have suffered miscarriages.  Their grief is much more palpable on this day that celebrates motherhood.  There are those who say that their mothers were absolutely horrible people and they do not even speak to them anymore.  To them, Mother’s Day brings up anger and resentment.  There are still others who feel like horrible mothers because their children have gone completely against the values that were taught at home.  When they see other, happy, mothers on this day, they engage in even more self-blaming.  And, of course, there are mothers who grieve the loss of a child or children because their children have broken the most basic “law” that a “parent should go first”.  To be left grieving a child’s death can be a horrible thing.

Yet, we celebrate all Mothers today.  For those who are struggling, we say, hang in there.  For those who are grieving, we promise prayers.  For those who are hated, we promise compassion and understanding.  Today is a day to show support for mothers and motherhood.  After all, without it, none of us would be here!