Night Out

I did something different today.  I went to Mundelein, IL to take the five seminarians who are studying for the Diocese of Gary out to dinner.  We had a great visit and a great meal.  The food at Dover Straits is always phenomenal and the service is friendly and impeccable.  If you’re even in the area, try them out!

Thanks, guys, for setting aside things for the evening so that we could go out!

On another note, I saw my cardiologist this morning.  Everything was fine (except for his being an hour and ten minutes behind in his appointments!) and I see him again in five months.  So, that’s two doctors this week, both checkups good, and both to see in five months.  I will see Dr. Walsh on a Monday and Dr. Asfour on that Wednesday.  That way they both have access to the recent lab work that I will have had done.

So, for now, tick tock, my cardiac clock is still ticking. 🙂