A Good Tired

For a while now, I have been tired, very tired.  I would say physically and emotionally exhausted.  It was, very much, a “bad” tired.

Today, I experienced a “good” tired.  I’m exhausted right now, very exhausted.  But, it is from a lot of walking today in fresh air and seeing all sorts of things as well as spending time with friends.

I began my day at EPCOT and came back to the room early afternoon to take a nap.  Afterwards, I met Fr. Brian’s bus.  We visited for awhile and then went to dinner.  After dinner, eight of us took the “fireworks cruise” at EPCOT.  The weather was perfect and the fireworks were phenomenal.

For now, I’m going to bed.  I plan on sleeping in tomorrow and taking it easy while I recharge my depleted batteries.  G’night, all.  More tomorrow.

Before I go, here are some random pictures from today.  The first three are pictures taken from my balcony (to give you an idea of the view from my room)

These are mostly from EPCOT: