Not All Surprises Are Good

“I thought I knew the person.”  Have you ever said that to yourself?  I know that I have, several times, in the past.  Today was one of those times for me.

There comes a moment in time when a person has to admit that he or she really does not know another person.  All the while you think you know what is going on, what makes a person tick, what the person is all about, might be wrong.

When that happens, there is a certain sadness that comes over you.  It happens, I think, because we have to admit our own weakness and inability to perceive a person.  We have to admit that we can be duped.  We also begin to question everything and everyone else in our lives, personal and professional.

I know that is the wrong thing to do.  But, it is a human thing and it happens.

Don’t worry about me over here.  I’m just thinking out loud and being a bit disappointed.  Tomorrow, I am sure, will be another day and another opportunity to learn more about myself and the world around me.  We’re never too old to learn.