Death Becomes More Personal As One Ages

So, Gregg Allman died today.  Some younger people will say, “Gregg who?” I say, “Hey, that was my generation’s music!”

I’ve noticed that this past couple of years. When I was younger, I would see the announcement that this actor or that musician or this sport’s hero or that whomever passed away. I would think to myself, “Yeah. Okay.”

But, now that I am getting older, I notice that a lot of those people had a very real place in my life. I listened to their music or watched their movies. I saw their accomplishments and cheered their victories. Now, when I read about someone of my era passing away, I begin to get a bit more uncomfortable. It is a reminder that my time is coming closer as well.

Oh sure, you will say — and I will agree — that I am only going to be sixty-one in October. Yes, that’s true. However, I remember the younger version of me that would think sixty-one would be near death or already dead. After all, at one point in my life, I thought that anyone older than twenty-five was an old person. I think we all felt that when we were very young.

They say that age is mind over matter: if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. But, hey, I think I’m beginning to mind.

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