In The Wink Of An Eye

That old phrase is so catchy and so true.  Things can and do change for us, all in the wink of an eye.

We have all known people who were on the top of the world one day and who were brought so low the next.  It may have been  because of poor health or the loss of a job or any number of reasons.  One minute, all is clear sailing.  The next minute?  The sinking of the Titanic.

Life throws curve balls at us.  It is up to us to deal with their reality.  We do not have to want it.  We do not have to like it.  But, we have to deal with it.

I guess the best thing I can say is, things do get better.

When you feel life has thrown you a curve ball, you do not have to swing.  Just stand there and wait for the next pitch.  When it comes around, you can hit that one out of the park!

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