Please Cool Down

It’s just got to cool down.  Right now, it is getting really hot and humid these past few days.  Without air conditioning in our parish offices or school offices, it is getting really uncomfortable in our buildings.  We have some “temp” cooling being provided but that is in relation to the weather outside.  The past couple of days, our offices were in the high 70’s/low 80’s while the temp outside was considerably higher.  It makes for a very uncomfortable work environment.

Once the new equipment gets hooked up in our church mechanical room, it will be able to circulate air once again; but, the air will not be conditioned until next spring.  They will be working toward getting the furnaces set up to provide heat this fall and winter.

That is why we need cooler weather.  At least when the air handlers come back on line we will be able to pull in some cooler outside air.

So, once again, Mother Nature, I implore you to make it cooler outside soon.  Please.  Pretty please.  Pretty please with sugar on top.

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