It’s A Desert!

It’s HOT out there.  Yes.  HOT!

As I was coming over to the house a couple hours ago, one of our younger students was coming out of the after-school program.  He exited the doors with his mother and I heard him exclaim:  “Ohhhh.  It’s a desert out there!”

I’m praying for cooler weather.  From the looks of the extended forecast, we are not going to cool down for another several days.  A week from today, to be exact.  Right now, it is still 87 degrees outside.  A week from now, the high is supposed to be 68.  As far as I’m concerned, it cannot get here soon enough.

I’m just praying for all our students as well as high school students who have all sorts of outdoor events:  soccer, track, cross country, marching band, and football.  Hydrate, all!

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