Earthquakes And Fires And Hurricanes, O My!

We seem to be doing the modern-day interpretations of The Wizard of Oz’s lions and tigers and bears, oh my, with all of the recent natural disasters taking place.

There are so many people around in our country and around the world who are in need of our prayers and any assistance we might be able to offer.  Certainly the wildfires out west, largely unreported, have devastated a vast number of people.  The past few hurricanes have really done a number to a lot of people in our country and on several islands.  (And there are more storms forming right now that could easily become hurricanes.  The season is far from over.) Lately, earthquakes have shaken up several places in the world:  Mexico as well as off the coast of California and off of Japan.

We may think we have it rough; but, there are always those who are in more dire straights.  Keep them in your prayers and, as I wrote earlier, help if you can.  And, if you are planning to give, make sure that you do your homework and know the charities that deliver your money versus the charities who take your money and keep most of it for themselves.


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