Wow. Just, Wow.


Just, wow.

I went to see the new Star Wars movie today.  After my initial scare, things went well.  The initial scare was that, as I was turning off of Ridge Road into the theater parking lot, I saw nine school buses at the theaters.  I exclaimed, “No, no, NO!”

When I got inside the complex, I found out the buses were all there with students attending earlier shows in the regular theaters.  I was there for the first morning showing on the IMax screen.  That’s more expensive.  The theater was actually close to empty.  Made the experience that much better!

The movie was mind-blowing.  Without saying anything that will reveal plots, I will just say that I felt they went back to the whole Star Wars “feel” in this movie.  There are several plot twists and turns that will really make the movie that much more special for a viewer and you can see where they will be continuing the saga in the next installment.  However, many things happen that you just are not expecting.  And they are all done really well!

If you like these kinds of movies — and if you like the older feel of the Star Wars franchise — make it a point to go and see the movie.  And, if you can, treat yourself to an IMax 3D showing.  Wow.  Just, wow!