Holy Moses . . .

First of all, winter was not here at all and then, all of a sudden, snow has to come on Christmas and cover up all the lines in our parking lot.  The lots looked really weird and there were many wasted spaces because of how people parked.

Now that the snow has been relatively cleared, it’s like someone turned on the deep freeze and it is absolutely cold out there.  Three degrees as I write this note tonight.

I know.  It’s winter.  We have to expect that.  Yeah, I suppose so.  But, don’t we usually work down to that?  Does it have to happen all at once!  🙂

I’m leaving for my vacation on Sunday and they say that it’s been getting cooler down in Florida as well.  I hope we don’t hit the deep freeze down there.  I don’t exactly enjoy super hot in January; however, I don’t like winter jacket weather either.  We are going down there for a reason and part of that reason is for non-winter weather.  We’ll just have to wait and see what we get.

As for me and right now, I think I might have to dig my winter coat out of my closet and start wearing it.