How Do You Mend A Broken Heart?

Folks, my heart is breaking.  It’s already two-thirds dead because of a virus.  My other “heart” is about two-thirds dead because of this horrific abuse scandal reaching all the way to the pope.

I know that we follow no mortal man, we follow the Lord.  However, we select a man to be the visible head of the Church.  When that man apparently was knowledgeable of the crimes of one of the cardinals of the Church, and perhaps others as well, and remained silent, going so far as to remove sanctions placed upon him by Pope Benedict XVI, it makes me shiver.  Too many people are finding their faith shaken to the core.  Where do we begin to find healing?

How can a person who is supposed to be someone to whom people go for healing and comfort actually do his job when he is hurting so much as well?  I’m feeling empty inside and don’t know what I have to give.

I pray that the people of God’s holy Church find the peace they search for and I pray that we have swift resolution to all of these issues of abuse.  I pray that we weed out the hierarchy of the Church who have allowed abusers to function or who are abusers themselves.  I pray that they weeding out goes all the way to the top of the hierarchy if that is what is needed.

No matter what, I pray that all of us can remain firm in the Lord and continue to trust in God since God has always proven trustworthy, even if some of His people here on earth have not.  And I pray that God will help mend our broken hearts.

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