Transatlantic – Day Ten

Oh me, oh my . . . it’s Day Ten already?!  That means we only have one full sea day left to this cruise.  Tomorrow we will be at sea.  Thursday, we will be at Port Canaveral for the day.  Friday, we will dock at Miami, disembark, and fly home.  I am not doing the happy dance about that.  But, let’s get to today.

Today, as all the others recently, dawned beautifully warm and with clear weather.  The temps got into the lower 80’s today with lots of sun this afternoon.  The forecast was for partly cloudy and it began that way; but, it soon became nice and sunny for the day.

This morning, they had a “backstage tour” for those passengers who were Diamond level or above.  We got to meet two of the performers and one of the stage managers.  We had a Q&A session for almost forty-five minutes and then went through their dressing room/costume room/props room areas, returning to the main stage and finishing with even more Q&A.  It was a very interesting and informative session.

One of the things that we learned is that this group of performers has been together for almost a year.  Cruise contracts are typically no longer than ten months, by law.  However, this group was considered a “take out” crew — a group of people who prepared a brand new ship and its services.  Thus, their contract was for a year.

After lunch, I went to iSkate 2.0, a performance by the skaters set to all sorts of their favorite tunes.  It was a dynamic performance and quite enjoyable!

Dinner tonight was the second “formal night” on our cruise.  Therefore, I ended up in coat and tie.  I thought I would show you what I look like all cleaned up. 🙂

After dinner and before the evening show, I went to the Boardwalk to get some night pictures.  The first picture incorporates the carousel and the second the Abyss, the slide that begins on Deck 16 and takes you to Deck 6. I think this is one of very few ships that has a ten floor dry slide!

This evening’s performance was the comedian/juggler, Adam Kario.  He was quite good and quite funny.  His grand finale, done with lighted juggling batons, was absolutely incredible.  My video of it taken on my phone’s camera doesn’t begin to do it justice but gives you an idea of what we experienced.

After the performance, I was reminded that we set our clocks back one hour tonight to be synced with Eastern Time.  We will now be on the same time as Port Canaveral and Miami.  You cannot mess around with time changes.  It’s not exactly monkey business.

Okay.  Enough of the foolin’ around.  g’night.  See you tomorrow.