But Wait, There’s More

Today was the last day of the annual conference of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  Tomorrow morning, we will have Mass and breakfast.  After that, there is a Holy Hour:  Morning Prayer/Reflection/Benediction.  Confessions will also be available.

After the morning, everything is finished.  I didn’t know that a few months ago.

When I was first elected as the administrator of the diocese, the calendar listed the conference for Monday through Friday so that is how I booked my hotel and air travel.  That “happy mistake” gives me a day to myself to relax and unwind, something that I’ve been needing to do anyway.

Tomorrow is kind of like the epilogue of a book or television show.  While our meetings are finished today, our opportunity to pray together and share some fraternal time extend to the morning.

I’m hoping weather is nice Friday for the flight home and landing in Chicago.