Absolutely The Truth!

The weather the past couple of days has been really crazy.  We have not had any idea what, if any, snow we would get.  Then, as it fell yesterday, it began to melt right away and, as the day progressed, turned to slush.  Overnight saw snow accumulating again.  Then rain.  Then slush.  With the winds howling for a while early evening and the sun going down, the roads, from what I hear, are just awful.

This is the time of year for practically anything.  The past couple of days have really proven that.  Ash Wednesday was dark, cold, wet, snowy, and miserable.  As we begin Lent, we look toward the promise of Easter.  On this dark, miserable day, we can look toward the promise of spring with its sun and warmth.

Hang in there!

On an unrelated note, RIP Clive Cussler.  Your books were phenomenal.  I think I read everything you wrote at least once.  You definitely expanded my imagination through the years!