O Happy Day

We have been working really hard to make sure that we could provide solid Mass coverage for all of our parishioners since we cannot celebrate public Masses. Our live-streams have been going out on Facebook except for this morning when we were not able to connect to Facebook.

So as to remedy that problem, as well as to serve those who may not have Facebook accounts, we have found software that allows us to stream on a variety of platforms.

Beginning tomorrow, live-streams of our Masses and other services will be available directly on our parish home page (www.stm-church.com). It will also be available on Facebook Live and will also live stream on YouTube. I know many of you use SmartTVs that have the YouTube app. This way, you can watch Masses, especially throughout Holy Week, on your big screen TVs.

I know it isn’t the same as being there in person; but, it is the best that we can do at this time.

If you have family or friends that have been complaining because they could not get the live Mass due to not Facebook account and would have to wait until Mass was posted on YouTube, tell them the good news. They can watch live on many devices beginning tomorrow. 

Mass tomorrow is at 8:30 a.m.

Are we still going to hear confessions Saturday afternoon?

You betcha!

There are a few things to not, however.

1. The church will not be opened until 3:00 p.m. The only doors being unlocked are the front foyer doors. The side entrance by the chapel will remain locked.

2. No more than ten people can be in the body of the church at a time and, while in line, penitents should maintain at least six feet of separation from the people in front and in back of them. If there are more than ten people in the church, some will be asked to return to their cars until others exit the church after going to confession.

3. For everybody’s safety, we ask that you only go to confession behind the screen. There are no opportunities for face-to-face confessions until after the pandemic clears up.

4. We ask you not to remain in the church longer than necessary to go to confession. You can always pray your penance in your car.

5. Follow any directions asked of you by the person monitoring the church.

Thank you!