Never Would I Have Thought

They closed Calumet Avenue this afternoon.  Now, when I say they “closed” Calumet Avenue, I don’t mean that they closed Calumet Avenue by putting up a couple of traffic cones.  No.  They CLOSED Calumet Avenue by stacking up concrete barriers.  When I say closed, I mean closed.

There were people planning to walk onto I-80/94 this afternoon off of Calumet Avenue, Indianapolis Blvd., and Kennedy Avenue in order to “protest”.  I’m sorry; but, protesting and criminal activity are supposed to be two entirely different words and meanings.  This senseless has to stop.

Businesses have closed their doors early this afternoon and sent their employees home in order to be safe as well as to make sure that they would be able to get home as so many  roads were slated to be closed by the police.

I think there are those who have a real reason to protest.  However, when criminals hijack their cause for their own crooked agenda, everyone loses.

One Reply to “Never Would I Have Thought”

  1. I couldn’t agree more! This whole thing has gotten out of hand. What should be a “peaceful walk” turned into a horrible ‘thing’, and even the TV has nothing but the mess this has become. On top of everything else we have to go through this!

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