I’m Not A Car; But…

But, my fluid level is right on the money.

Yes, I received a call from the pacemaker department this morning after my unit transmitted its report in the middle of the night.  Long and short of the story is:
1.  No critical events recorded in the past month
2.  Leads are all stable
3.  No arrhythmias noted
4.  Fluid levels are spot on
5.  Seventeen months of battery life reported

So, unless things change, I’ll have surgery for a replacement unit in September of 2021.  I’ll be nice and healed up for my transatlantic scheduled for November 2021.  Have to get the important things planned, eh?

Until then, I’ll do my best to bore you with my monthly reports.  (I hope for boring reports; because, anything other than boring will mean problems.)

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