Time Flies

I had the 6:30 a.m. Mass this morning and then worked on the pastor’s page for next Sunday’s bulletin.  At Noon, I had to be at two places at one time: a restaurant and in our church for a funeral Mass.  I celebrated the funeral and then went out to lunch afterwards.

The reason for the meal?  It was one year ago today that my aunt passed away.  I couldn’t believe that it’s been a year already.  Some of her family and friends wanted to gather for lunch so I was able to join them at 12:50 p.m.  It wasn’t too late, though.  They had been visiting and eating appetizers up to that point and the waitress had just put in their orders for lunch when I arrived.  So, I added my order to the list and they all came out together.

I didn’t quite know what I wanted for lunch, by the way, so I told the waitress to surprise me.  I liked what “I” ordered.  I think Auntie Connie would have gotten a kick out of that.

We laughed and laughed thinking about the many things that my aunt has said and/or done throughout the years.  It was good to get together.  We’ve already got next year planned.

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