Your Comments Do Matter

Yesterday was really insane.  I have been having a pity party lately because I have lost most of my vacations thus far this year as well as the opportunity to go on retreat.  All of the retreat centers have canceled reservations and there is nothing available.  I didn’t get a chance to make a private retreat last year as well and am feeling spiritually low.

When I came home from dinner out with a friend, I went to my computer to do my nightly blog post and then hit the sack because I have both Masses all week (Fr. Declan is on a week’s vacation).

As I fired up the blog, I noticed that there was a comment waiting to be approved.  The comment was from my blog post the evening before mentioning all the rain and commenting about an Ark as well as posting Bill Cosby’s Noah comedy bit.

The poster said that she had visited the Ark the previous week.  I felt the Lord thump the back of my head and heard Him whisper, “Mike.  Ark.  Get it?”

I immediately got on line to see the description of Noah’s Ark in Kentucky.  Next to it is also a Creation Museum.  Both places would take a good week to go through slowly.  A good week.  Hmmmm.  A retreat?

So, I looked at lodging suggestions from the Ark’s homepage and found a hotel on the river facing Cincinnati and booked it for a week toward the end of July.  I am going to stay at the hotel and prayerfully go through the Ark as well as the Creation Museum all week.  As a spiritual retreat, I can think of nothing better than to compare the story of rebuilding the earth after the flood to what we are attempting to do now by rebuilding the Church when the pandemic ends.

I am hoping for a restful but spiritually robust retreat.

All because someone commented on my post.  See.  I do pay attention to what you all comment.  🙂


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