My Eyes! My Hands! My Head!


Today was a “pain and agony” day.

It was good pain and agony, though.  The ol’ Soloflex slogan comes to mind:  No Pain, No Gain.  Of course, I’m not talking about working out.  However, I worked my eyeballs and fingers to the bone to the point of getting an eye stress headache.

Susan, my former receptionist, finished proofreading and returned  my Advent/Christmas daily reflections yesterday.  Today, I sent the files to the people who will be preparing the booklets for distribution to the parishioners.  Then, I sat down at my computer and input them into the blog software so that they auto-generate each day throughout Advent and Christmas.  I also copied them to Eudora (my email program) so that they auto-mail to the mailing list.  Then, I put them into the Facebook page to auto-publish throughout the season.

That was a lot of focusing on the computer monitor and dancing my fingers across the keyboard.  Needless to say, the eyestrain gave me a headache but that was accompanied by a great sense of accomplishment.

And that, my friends, is why they make Tylenol!  🙂


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