79 Years

Today is my parents’ wedding anniversary.  If they were still alive, they would be celebrating seventy-nine years together.  Truth be told?  I was surprised they stayed together.  There were many times in my life that I thought they might be better off separate.

Their marriage was not always a happy one to look at and, I am sure, it was probably not always a happy one to live.  My dad could be very volatile and often treated my mom poorly.  I learned that a big component of this thing called love is another thing called forgiveness.  They would fight and squabble but, in the end, there would be forgiveness and peace or, at the very least, detente.

For all of you who are in secure, happy marriages, I wish you many more years together.  For those who are in marriages that might be a bit more tense and contentious, hang in there, love one another, and forgive as best as you can.  For those whose marriages may have ended, I pray that you find peace in your heart.  For those preparing for marriage, remember that it takes commitment and work each day.

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