Weird Experience, Money Ahead

My equipment from Comcast came in today to install internet and cable television to the condo.  I was really excited and happily went to self-install. It didn’t go so well.

I have never considered this before:  the condo that I purchased has a cable outlet in every room.  One would assume, would one not?, that all the outlets were enable.  Hmmm.  You’d assume wrong.

The only outlet that had a connection to Xfinity was the living room outlet.  That’s fine because that’s where I’m going to put my television.  However, I wanted the modem in another location by my desk so that I could plug my computer in to the ethernet port in the Xfinity modem.

I called customer service and was told that if they came to check things out, it would be an automatic $100 not including the cost to connect other jacks.  As I was getting disillusioned and ready to cancel everything out, the guy said, “You said you had two televisions?”  I told him yes.  He said, “well, then, you don’t need your boxes or the wall outlets.  You can stream up to two televisions from your modem.”

So, I set up the televisions, downloaded the Xfinity app, returned my modems to the Xfinity store for credit, and my monthly bill will be cheaper even as I have full cable television streamed to my two smart TVs!  Works for me. 🙂