Thank You, Veterans!

Today is Veteran’s Day.  Today gives us pause to think about our veterans: those brave, fearless people who put themselves in jeopardy in order to secure our freedom.  The price they paid was quite high.  They left family and friends in order to go somewhere and put their lives on the line.  Many times, when they returned home, their lives were changed in ways that they never would have considered.

Some bear the emotional scars of the conflict that they experienced and struggle every day for peace of mind.  It is alarming to know that the suicide rate of veterans is very high.  The scars that they bear are sometimes too great for them and they take their lives.

We pray for peace.  We pray that the world knows peace so that there may one day never be armed conflict for people to face.  We pray that those who served our country and now suffer emotionally or spiritually  may find peace of mind.  We pray that all veterans might know that we are profoundly grateful for their service.

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