I Told You

I told you yesterday that I hated this weather.  Last night there were overturned trucks on the highways, torrential downpours, severe flooding, awesome thunderstorms, and tornado sirens triggered by funnels sighted and cloud rotation.  The winds, which began yesterday afternoon, increased in intensity and in one way, shape, or form took out the power for thousands of people throughout the state.

And we were lucky.

That’s right.  Kentucky and other parts of our country recorded many deaths by nighttime tornados.  It was a brutal spate of mid-December storms that we experienced last night.

It’s supposed to warm back up before temperatures start plunging back down.  As I said yesterday, my sinuses do not know what to do.  My poor eyes were leaking all day today.  I’ve never had a season like this before.

Well, on to some good stuff.  This evening, the Knights of Columbus will host their annual Christmas dinner party at the Weis Center.  I am proud to be the chaplain for our parish’s council and am even more proud of the work that they do.  They are a great group of dedicated individuals.

I’m not going to be with them very long this evening since I have to get up early in order to open the church and celebrate the 6:30 and 8:00 a.m. Masses.  But I’ll let them know how proud I am of them and encourage them to continue doing the exemplary work that they do.