Oh, Oh

When I went to the office this morning, I saw one of my co-chairs for the festival.  She apologized for waking me up last night.  I didn’t understand.  I told her that I saw a voice message on my phone this morning from one of the committee who had tried to contact me because they put a stake through our sprinkler system.

She looked at me confused and said that I came to the front door when they called after ringing the doorbell.  Not good.  Because I hadn’t gone to the front door although I did dream about waterfalls and things like that most of the night.

You see, I had gone to the door.  However, about an hour and a half before they “woke” me, I was feeling really rough because of my allergies so I had taken a sleeping pill.  I guess I was experiencing one of those sleepwalking events that they often talk about with those products.

In short, I have absolutely no memory about going to the front door or speaking with anybody for ten minutes or so.  It’s a little freaky, somewhat frightening, and feels very strange.  At least I found the source of my waterfall dreams.  🙂

I hope that doesn’t happen again, though.

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