A New Soreness

Yesterday I wrote about my knee’s soreness bothering me as I worked all day.  I wish that was the extent of my soreness now.

This afternoon, I began feeling really fatigued.  My “allergies” were bothering me a lot more and I thought it was just coming back into the area after my vacation.  However, by mid-afternoon, my back began killing me as well.  All my muscles began aching.

Then, around 5:00 p.m., I began to feel hot.  All of a sudden I put all the symptoms together and reached for two things:  my thermometer and my test kit package.

Yeah, I had a fever.  101.2 degrees.  And yeah, the test results (I took them twice) came back the same.  I’m positive for Covid.

I called my doctor and he called in a prescription to Walgreen’s for antivirals.  He said that the time of onset was within the parameters needed for the medication to be useful.  I have to discontinue my statin medication and tomorrow will begin my new meds.  They extend over a five day period.

Walgreen’s was able to fill the prescription this evening so I drove to their drive-thru window to pick it up.  I just hope I can sleep tonight fighting the aches and pains and congestion.

I will be quarantined at least until next Tuesday.  I’ll have to contact the doctor with my symptoms Sunday or Monday.  Until then, it’s time to hunker down.  Kindly keep me in your prayers.  I make a bad patient when all I can do is lie around all day, drink fluids, and rest.

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