I Don’t Like Being Sick

This Covid thing is a real pain in the patoot.  I just can’t seem to do anything without tiring.  Earlier today, I got on my computer for about 40 minutes to do some office work.  That didn’t end well.  I got so tired that I had to switch off and hit my recliner for more rest.

Rest, rest, and more rest has been in order.  I don’t like that.  While I, like anyone else, enjoy “down time”, I like to actually do something in my down time.  As I said yesterday, all I seem to be able to do is rest and/or sleep.

I will have to say that the sleep is necessary and I have been able to sleep longer periods of time than I have in the past few years.  So, I guess, there’s some benefit to this stupid bug.

And that, my friends, is about the extent of my time at the keyboard for now.  More tomorrow.


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