Are You Ready To Rumble?!

The rumble between my father and my mother & me always took place regarding the commercials.  Mom and I could care less about the game.  We didn’t ever know who was playing (to be honest, I still don’t know — or care).

When the bowl game was on, dad would be in the living room watching the game and screaming/cursing at the players, officials, and anyone else he could.  Meanwhile, mom and I would be at the kitchen table playing Scrabble, Scribbage, Yahtzee, and a whole host of other games.

At half time, dad would come out of the living room for a snack and mom and I would rush into the living room to watch the halftime show because, back then, the shows were actually worth watching.  Dad could never understand our mixed up priorities when it came to the game.

Heck, we had our priorities straight.  Oh, and the ice cream or chips that he was looking for to snack on?  Chances are really good that mom and I ate them during our first half of the game.  🙂

Whatever you do to enjoy tomorrow, make it memorable!