Was A Tough Day

This morning, I had a funeral Mass for a young parishioner (22 years old) who passed away tragically last week in a skiing accident.  The wake was jam-packed with people yesterday and the funeral procession had 130 cars with about six police cars monitoring the procession.

The person who passed away was very energetic and touched the lives of so many people and the best that I could do at the funeral Mass was to challenge those in attendance to live their lives as completely as Trina had done.

Praying for all those who grieve her loss.

And then I followed that funeral Mass with another funeral Mass for someone who had been married for 57 years and who was, in many ways, the “glue” of the neighborhood.  So many people knew one another because of her and her husband.

We truly touch — and change — the world when we live the way we should!

Prayers for all who grieve and hopes that they will be consoled by the rich memories of their loved ones.