Check, Please

Ah, “reality check”, that would be.

You know what really frosts me?  I’ll tell you.  Liars and bullies.  I have found, in my many years, that they almost always go hand in hand.  Liars inevitably bully people in order to have them accept their lies.

But, it doesn’t work.

No matter how many times a person tells a lie, it is still a lie.  It’s just that simple.  If you tell a lie ten times, it is still a lie.  If you tell a lie a thousand times, it is still a lie.  If you always lie, it will never be the truth.

Many people lie because they do not want to own up to what they have done or because they want to make themselves out to be someone they are not.  The only problem is this:  a lie will always catch up to the person.  It is always  best to “take your lumps” initially than later when a person pays the price for compounded lies.

You may wonder what has prompted this rant tonight.  I could say, “Nothing”, but, that would be a lie. 🙂  I just get tired of dealing with people who cannot distinguish between the truth and a lie because they have lived a lie too long.

One of the reasons I get tired of it is because those kinds of people usually harm others as they “take them hostage” to their lies.  People end up acting on other people’s behalves because they have been lied to and then end up looking like — and feeling like — incredible idiots when they find out that they have been duped.

Let’s all try a little honesty and integrity today, eh?  It will do the world a lot of good because, truth be told, the world needs to have people start setting good examples for others to follow rather than bad examples.

One Reply to “Check, Please”

  1. “But it’s just a little (white) lie, and it wasn’t right for me to hurt his/her feelings.”

    “You’re going to tell me that you never told a little white lie? Ha!”

    These are two of my unfavorite phrases.

    I have spent a noticeable amount of time over the past few months thinking about brand names — what the brand represents, how much money a business will spend establishing a brand, maintaining the brand, and promoting the brand in the eyes of potential and established customers.

    And then I think about my brand: Jim. Without spending promotional money I think about the brand I have established with people, and the number of times that people have told me something akin to “I know that I can count on you to tell me the truth,” and that I am too far along to do anything that would tarnish the brand. This reflection oftentimes makes me think very carefully.

    Respectfully, Jim

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