When Will Summer Arrive?

Can anyone tell me, is summer here yet?  I know, strictly speaking and on the calendar, it has not arrived.  However, by this time of the year, we generally have summer-like weather.

We have still been having a whole host of “weather events” for lack of a better phrase.  Cold, hot, warm, dry, wet, sultry.  We have been having a bit of everything.

According to the latest weather forecast, which, by the way, is changing every few hours, tomorrow is supposed to be 89 with thunderstorms and then the following day, Monday, 63 and rainy.  The humidity is supposed to leap on Monday.

I would like more predictability than we have been getting and I know that I am not the only one.  I would also like more sun than we had been getting.  Yes, the past few days have been sunny, but the forecast calls for more cloudy stuff than sun again.  When it gets gloomy, I get gloomy.  And nobody wants to see me gloomy.

On the “home front”, today was the Synod for the Diocese of Gary and tomorrow the diocese will host a closing Mass for the Synod at the Genesis Center in Gary.  I am really tired and worn out and the third day of synod events is going to be long and tiring.  At this point in time, I would rather be going to a Genesis concert than to a Mass at the Genesis Center.  Is that so wrong.  🙂

Oh, oh, oh . . . Genesis.  That reminds me of this weekend’s feast and tonight’s first reading.  At Babel, everyone began speaking different languages.  Here’s our segue:  the world became a land of confusion!

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