Where There Is Love

Yesterday at the Genesis Center in Gary, the Diocese of Gary had the closing Mass for our synod.  I wrote, the day before, that I was so exhausted and that I would rather go to a Genesis concert than to the Mass at the Genesis center.

Usually, when I write those kinds of things or say those kinds of things, they come back to bite me in the keister.  Yesterday’s Mass was no exception. 🙂

I may have attended a bit begrudgingly; but, in the midst of the Mass, a wondrous song was sung for the Offertory.

Our present bishop, Donald J. Hying, talks a lot about love.  His coat of arms, as a matter of fact, bears the Latin phrase that is translated, “Love Never Fails”.  That brings the diocese full circle to our first bishop, Andrew G. Grutka, whose coat of arms was translated, “Where There Is Love, There Is God.”

The Mass yesterday contained a beautiful arrangement of the song “Ubi Caritas” (Where There Is Love).  I thought I would share that with you today so that you can listen and, hopefully, be at peace.

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