Congratulations To Our New Deacons

This morning, at a special 10:30 a.m. Mass at Holy Angels Cathedral, ten men were ordained to the diaconate.  Nine of the men were ordained as permanent deacons.  One man was ordained as a transitional deacons.  He will be ordained a priest for the Diocese of Gary in the summer of 2018.

The Office of Deacon was established in the very early Church in order to relieve the apostles from some of the “busy work” that was preventing them from leading the people in worship, specifically, in caring for the community who came to the Eucharistic Table.

In the years since, the diaconate has evolved into a rich community of servant-leaders who are ordained to minister at the altar as well as serve the community.  Deacons can baptize, preach, and officiate at marriage ceremonies and funeral liturgies.  They can also preside at wake services and other paraliturgical services.

Speaking as a pastor of a very large church, I would be lost without the help of the deacons in our parish.  They do so much for me and for the parish.

Congratulations to the newly-ordained deacons.  You will be in my prayers as you begin your new ministries.  God be with you and reward you richly for answering His call to serve His people.

Leo Barron, Jr.
Gary Blue
Jeffrey Burton
Philip Coduti
Richard Hilbrich
Kenneth Klawitter
James McFarland
Thomas Maicher
Daniel Ratliff
Matthew Virus

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