Another Month, Another Good Report

The people from the pacemaker department called me this morning to tell me that my pacemaker transmitted last night, as it was programmed to do, and gave them a month’s worth of data.

Long story short:  no runs, no hits, no errors.  Oh, wait a minute.  Different game there.  🙂

Long story short:  no incidents noted, threshold levels are all good, leads are all functioning properly, and I have 4.8 years left on my battery.  My next transmit is a month away.  We’ll see if anything gets recorded next week in the high stress environment of the annual parish festival.

The nurse told me to take very good care of myself if I was going to be spending a significant amount of time outside in this heat.  That’s a good caution.  I’ll need to have a water bottle with me at all times and drink a lot of water those days.  Gotta keep the ol’ ticker ticking…

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