Festival – Day Two

Well, some people just never learn.  We had our first arrest at the festival for this year.

Yesterday, someone was ejected from the festival by the police.  His name was taken and he was instructed not to return to our festival for the remainder of this year’s run.

Guess who decided to come back in tonight?  You guessed it.  The person returned, was arrested by the police for trespassing, and will be spending the night in jail rather than at the festival.

Other than that, the festival ran well yesterday and today.  I left it a couple of hours early again tonight.  I need to get my sleep because tomorrow I have the morning Mass followed by a funeral at 10:00 a.m. and then preparation for one of our “big nights” at the festival.  Friday and Saturday are both very big nights in terms of attendance and sales.

We were fortunate that the weather held out again today.  We are supposed to have thunderstorms tonight and through tomorrow morning.  By the afternoon, the air should be washed clean, it will be cooler than the past two days of heat, and we should have clear weather.  (fingers crossed)

Here are a few pictures of my view of the fest from my place at the MegaPass booth:

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