The Time Travel Dietician

We have all repeated the famous words at least once it our lives:  “If you live long enough, whatever was “bad” for you will be “good” again.”  We can all talk about examples of that adage.  One of the best, I think, is the whole “butter dilemma.”  At one point in time, we all ate butter and relished in its taste.  It made pastries taste wonderful.  It topped our pancakes, waffles, toast, and anything else we could think of to top.  It was wonderful.

And then, it was bad.  They said that eating butter would clog up our arteries.  Eating butter would greatly reduce our lifespans.  So, they created margarine.  Yes, margarine.  Then we were told that margarine had more “bad” fats and more “bad” cholesterol in it than butter.  So, for a while, butter became the preferred spread over margarine.  But the debate still continues.

All foods, it seems, at one point in time or another, have been declared “bad” and then, at a later time, “good”.  Which is why the following clip that I saw on line this morning cracked me up.  Enjoy your eggs, everyone!  🙂

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